Civil Engineering

Diploma Offered:
Civil Engineering
Three Years
120 seats
Entery Requirements:
10th (SSC)

Career Opportunities

A Civil Engineer has to work in diverse fields viz. Irrigation, Dams, Canals, Hydropower, Roads, Railways, Buildings, Industrial Structures, Bridges, Docks, Harbours, Airfields, Tunnels, Environmental Engineering (including Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Systems) etc. The job of a Civil Engineer extends over a wide spectrum of activities involving planning, designing, construction and maintenance of various Civil Engineering works. A Civil Engineer is also responsible for management of various resources, personnel, administration, finance and construction.

Civil Engineering Department

A civil engineer is concerned with the creation of construction facilities.His activities involve planning & designing construction and maintenance of a various structures such as buildings, highways, railways, waterways, canals, dams, power houses, water treatment and sewage disposal systems,docks and harbours,bridges and tunnels.He deals basically with three types of material with which he constructs i.e bricks.Concrete, steel and soil materials on which he contructs.The Civil Engineer is concerened with critical problems of today such as constructing offshore structure, flood forecasting and flood control, increasing power production by constructing dams, power houses etc.

The breadth and diversity of the civil Engineering profession makes it particularly attractive.Civil engineers are employed in the public and private sectors in large number in all branches of design,construction and maitenance.

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