Rules and regulations

Library Rules

  • Book will be issued for a period of 10 days.
  • The student must be present himself / herself at the time of issue of books. Books will not be issued on others BT.
  • Student must keep their identity card with them during library transaction.
  • At the time of issue of books students must check the pages and binding of books.
  • A new book will be demanded in case book is damaged.
  • On late return’s Rs. 1 per book per day will be charged.
  • Student should not issue duplicate titles on their name, if found doing so the B.T. will be cancelled for that year.
  • The student must informed librarian in case of loos of B.T.
  • In case of loss of B.T. duplicate will be issued on payment of RS. 50/- per B.T.
  • At the time of clearance Rs. 50 /- per B.T. charged for the lost of B.T.
  • B.T. must be returned at the end of exam.
  • If a book is lost, you can replace it with new book or you will have to pay three time the cost of book.

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